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The head and foot are adjusted electronically with a hand pendant, but the bed's overall height is adjusted manually with a hand crank.
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The adjustments for the head section, foot section, and overall height of the bed are all adjusted electronically with a hand controller pendant.
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Lower to the ground than standard beds for convenience and safety. All of the bed adjustments are controlled electronically.
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Long-term care beds are ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, and skilled nursing and hospice facilities. Made for use over longer time periods.
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Flex-A-Bed Luxury Adjustable Beds
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Luxury adjustable beds by Flex-A-Bed in a variety of sizes and options to meet your style, comfort, and budget.

Find the hospital bed your looking for. We carry home care beds made by Medline, Invacare, Drive Medical, and Pro Basics.

Patients who are disabled, handicapped, rehabilitating, or who are elderly or suffering from illness will greatly benefit from an adjustable bed. Home care adjustable hospital beds are commonly used for those who have reduced or limited mobility to provide comfort during both waking and sleeping hours. Adjustable patient beds offer a variety of positions to aid in sleeping, eating, reading, watching TV, and getting in and out of bed.

Hospital Beds Size
Hospital beds come in an industry-wide standard size of 36”wide by 80” long. This standard patient bed size is a bit narrower and longer than the standard twin-sized bed size of 39” wide x 75” long. This size distinction is important to know when buying bed sheets because twin-sized bed sheets do not fit hospital beds properly. Total Home Medical offers a variety of bed sheets specifically sized to fit hospital beds.

As indicated above, patient beds generally come in a standard size of 36” wide. However, there are medical beds with wider sizes, including bariatric beds and luxury adjustable beds (see these bed descriptions below). If you are interested in extra wide medical beds, please read the descriptions below.

Types of Beds
Hospital beds come in three main categories: manual, semi-electric, and full-electric. The table below shows how adjustments are made for each of these types of patient bed.

Bed Type Head Section Foot Section Overall Height
Manual Beds Hand Crank Hand Crank Hand Crank
Semi-Electric Beds MotorizedMotorized Hand Crank
Full-Electric Beds Motorized Motorized Motorized

Luxury Adjustable Beds
Luxury adjustable beds are made from high quality materials and have a more homey look than sterile looking medical beds. Unlike hospital beds, which are only available with a narrow 36” width, luxury adjustable beds come in normal bed widths for twin, full, queen, and king sizes. Because they use standard bed widths, these beds come ready to attach your own standard-size decorative headboard or footboard to match your decor. Though these adjustable beds are not necessarily made to be used as medical beds, they can and often are used for those with a handicap, disability, or mobility impairment. Besides having electronic adjustments of the head and foot section, you can purchase models with heat and massage right built in. One feature that luxury adjustable bed features lack is the ability to adjust the overall height of the bed. Luxury adjustable beds have a fixed height, though you can purchase optional risers and put them under the bed to increase the height of the bed by 2 to 6 inches.

Bariatric Beds
Bariatric beds are heavy duty beds made specifically for larger patients who weigh from 350 lbs to 1,000 lbs. Bariatric beds are extra wide compared to other medical beds and are generally available in widths of 42”, 48” or 54”.

Bed Rails
Hospital beds typically have safety rails to prevent patients from falling out of bed. Available in half-length or full-length sizes, hospital bed rails can easily slide out of the way with the pull of a knob. Half rails are more popular because they provide more freedom for active patients and can be used by the patient to help get in and out of bed. Total Home Medical includes bed rails in many of its hospital bed packages.