Ostomy Supplies & Ostomy Care Accessories

One Piece Ostomy Pouches
Two Piece Ostomy Pouches
Ostomy Irrigation Products
Skin Barriers & Rings
These one-piece ostomy systems have the barrier (also called the faceplate, wafer or ring) bonded to the pouch in just one piece. The whole appliance is placed over the stoma to manage stomal output.

These systems use two separate pieces that can can be joined together to manage the stoma output. The two pieces consist of a barrier (also know as a faceplate, wafer, or ring), which is attached to the skin, and a pouch to catch the stoma output.

Irrigation products are used to infuse water into the colon through the stoma to stimulate the colon to empty. By repeating this process regularly, spillage of waste in between movements is reduced. Colostomy irrigation also can help avoid constipation.

Skin Barriers are faceplates, wafers, or rings, that fit around the stoma and protect the peristomal skin from the effluent coming from the stoma.

Adhesives, Pastes, and Powders
Cleaners and Deodorizers
Ostomy Support Belts
Miscellaneous Ostomy Supplies
Adhesives are used to attach the ostomy appliance to the skin. Barrier creams, lotions and powders are products developed to put on skin to make the skin prepared for the application of the barrier.

If you are in need of colostomy supplies, we have what you are looking for. We offer both one and two-piece colostomy pouches with either pre-cut or cut-to-fit options. Some colostomy pouches use adhesive to attach to the skin on while other are strapped on and supported by belts.

We also offer all varieties of products that are necessary for the proper care and treatment of colostomy issues, especially skin irriation caused by ostomy adhesives. There are several styles and sizes of colostomy pouches available with a varitey of features. Pouches are lightweight and typically have soft cloth on one or both sides to keep the pouch from sticking to one’s body. Some pouches offer a charcoal filter that will slowly release a gas to help reduce odor.

Various Kinds of Colostomy Pouches

Open-Ended Pouch/Drainable Pouch

An open-ended pouch allows for drainage from the base of the pouch. The open end of the pouch is generally closed with a clamp.

Close-Ended Pouch

A close-ended pouch is removed and then thrown away each time the pouch becomes full.

One-Piece Pouch

A one-piece pouch is made up of the adhesive skin barrier and the pouch all in one. When the one-piece pouch is removed, the new pouch is reattached to the skin with its adhesive skin barrier.

Two-Piece Pouch

A two-piece pouch has a pouch and an adhesive flange. The flange will stay in place while the pouch is taken off, and a new pouch is attached to the flange that has stayed in place. This alleviates the need for the pouch to reattach to the skin every time it is changed. This type of pouch is extremely helpful for those with sensitive skin.

Cut-To-Fit or Pre-Cut Pouches

Pre-cut pouches have openings already cut into them. Cut-to-fit pouches are custom cut to fit the shape and size of one's stoma.

Stoma Caps & Covers

Stoma covers or caps are put on the stoma while it is not being drained. These are usually used by those individuals who irrigate their pouches.

Skin Protection Barrier Film

A film is sometimes put on the skin of an individual who has sensitive, oily or dry skin to help prevent damage to the skin from the adhesive.

Paste Rings/Strips or Pectin-Based Paste

These products are used to protect the skin from the output containing the proteins that break down food (digestive enzymes). These digestive enzymes can damage or irritate the skin.